Turkey Orders Hundreds of Arrests for Gulen Links
[AnNahar] Ottoman Turkish authorities ordered the arrest of hundreds of new suspects in connection with the network blamed for the failed 2016 coup, the official Anadolu news agency reported on Tuesday.

Tens of thousands have been arrested over the past three years in a bid to eradicate the movement led by US-based Moslem preacher Fethullah Gülen
... a Turkish preacher living in Pennsylvania whom the current govt of Turkey considers responsible for all the ills afflicting Turkey and possibly the entire world. Gülen and Erdogan used to be really good friends, but only one of them could be sultan, and Gülen lost...
, though he denies responsibility for the coup attempt.

His movement, based around a huge network of schools, had supporters across Ottoman Turkish society, from the army to the judiciary to the government.

In the latest spate of investigations, the Ankara prosecutor's office issued arrest warrants for 467 people in 67 cities as part of a probe into alleged rigging of police exams by Gulenists
...the Turkish version of the Boogie Man, who set fire to the Turkish Reichsstag...
, Anadolu reported.

Prosecutors in the western city of Izmir ordered the arrest of 157 members of the navy and air force across 43 cities, also over links to the Gulen movement.

...back at the revival hall, the SWAT team had finally arrived...
an investigation into Gulenist infiltration of the judiciary led to warrants for 71 suspects in 15 cities, Anadolu added.
Posted by: trailing wife 2020-02-19