Kim Foxx: ‘This issue with Smollett ‘is bulls**t’
[HOTAIR] Last week Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx appeared on a reliably Democrat Chicago, aka The Windy City or Mobtown
...home of Al Capone, the Chicago Black Sox, a succession of Daleys, Barak Obama, and Rahm Emmanuel...
Sun-Times podcast where she let people know how she really feels about the Jussie Smollett
...Cable TV actor whose primary talents seemed to be being black and being homosexual. In a bid for national attention, he paid a pair of Nigerian brothers to rough him up a little so he could claim that two large, white, MAGA hat-wearing men had shouted This is MAGA country! while thumping him at 2:30am on a bitter cold night in Chicago and throwing bleach on him, presumably to lighten him up. The story quickly unraveled, and he became a laughingstock and the poster boy for pretend victimization and attention whoredom...
case. "This issue with Smollett, cause I’ll just take it head on, we’ve got 12 days left, is‐excuse my language‐is bulls**t." One of Kim Foxx’s rivals in the Cook County State’s Attorney primary, Bill Conway, has just introduced a new campaign ad quoting that portion of her comments.

"The reputation of the city of Chicago wasn’t marred by Jussie Smollett," Foxx says in the ad, as her image is plastered to the screen. Then the commercial features a mashup of news reports from when the high-profile, nationally watched case was unfolding...

In her interview with Joravsky last week, Foxx expressed disappointment that it’s been a year since the Smollett incident happened and yet it has become the focus of many interviews and conversations. The commercial highlights a part of her quote, but in the 40-minute interview, she said much more about the case.

"This issue with Smollett ... ’cause I’ll just take it head on ... we’ve got 12 days left ... is ... excuse my language ... is bull‐-. Sorry," she said. "Hold me accountable. Absolutely. We could have done a better job of explaining how this fits in the context of the work that we do. And in the process of doing it, we owed a greater level of transparency to the people of Cook County."

Posted by: Fred 2020-03-12