Coronavirus hits terrorists hardest from ISIS to Iran – analysis
[JPost] - Amid all the chaos caused by the coronavirus tidal wave, it may also rid the world of many of its worst terrorists or at least freeze their activity.

There are no statistics for how its is impacting ISIS supporters and will be none as the group would never report negative data and has no connections to international groups like the WHO or the civilized world.

But ISIS’s stunning recent order to its followers to stay away from Europe means not only that it is afraid of future infection if its agents go there, but that its network of followers there is likely already being hit.

This would make lots of sense since ISIS members tend to be disconnected from the Western world and could have gone longer ignoring the dangers of infection than average persons.

Further, ISIS persons will be weary of accepting medical assistance from the authorities in their host country as their faces may already be on a wanted list or their coming forward could unintentionally out them as an ISIS operative.

Iran is the paradigm case of a regime sponsoring terrorism which is known to be getting hit harder than any other countries besides China and Italy.

The Islamic Republic is notoriously dishonest about numbers which can hurt its public relations.

So when on Tuesday its official count of dead reached close to 1,000 and over 14,000 persons infected, the real numbers would likely be far higher.

Most significantly, top Iranian leaders, including an ayatollah, ministers and senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officials have been killed and infected by the coronavirus.

...Iran is also having a much harder time fighting the coronavirus wave because years of sanctions caught the country at its weakest and most undersupplied point economically and medically.

Of course, the flip side of a country where there are many backwards attitudes toward science and medicine (one reason for the spread was Qom religious leaders urging followers to visit to receive blessings right as Qom became greatly infected) is that the regime may be more ready to suffer.

...Outbreaks of coronavirus have started to surface in Somalia where large portions of the country are under control of the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab armed group.

...Coronavirus has not yet had a major impact on Gaza, but the beginning of it having an impact and Hamas’ fear of it getting out of control have likely halted or virtually halted attempts to provoke Israel.

...Top Hezbollah officials have reportedly been infected with coronavirus during a visit by their Iranian sponsors. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah may even have been infected.
^ We can only hope

Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2020-03-17