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China says Trump's 'Chinese virus' tweet smears China
Tuesday March 17th, 2020

Overnight Roadblock
Bulldozers dug up a huge trench in the M4 highway near Nayrab, Idlib, to prevent the passage of the joint Russian-Turkish patrol in the area.
Lebanon military court orders Lebanese-American released
Amer Fakhoury was accused of torturing prisoners while a member of the South Lebanon Army
Egyptian police kill 6 terrorists in North Sinai shootout
Bad boyz shot it out with coppers in an under-construction building used as a hideout in Abu Shalla road in Bir al-Abd
Coronavirus threatening 40,000
prisoners in Afghanistan, warns Taliban
Life's tough in long term storage.
Taliban militants, Afghan forces
suffer heavy casualties in Ghor clash
The Peace Processor grinds away in the traditional Peace Processor manner.
Taliban: 15 killed, equipment
seized as post overrun in Nad Ali
How's that ceasefire thingy working out for ya?

Posted by: Fred 2020-03-17