Xi Jinping: China to Expand Pharmaceutical Monopoly, Keep ‘Unfettered Flow of Trade’
Who would buy pharmaceuticals from China now, when it’s been demonstrated they consider it a weapon at the throat of the purchaser?
[BREITBART] Chinese dictator Xi Jinping told fellow G20 leaders in a teleconferenced speech on Thursday that China intends to increase its manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to “keep global financial markets stable.”

Xi demanded that the rest of the world help keep the world’s markets — currently monopolized by the Chinese Communist Party — “stable” amid growing demands that countries reconsider having nearly all their necessary goods sourced from the communist regime. Extensive reporting out of Wuhan, the origin city of the current pandemic, has conclusively determined that communist censorship and repression of individuals seeking to share basic health tips to prevent spreading a contagious disease significantly amplified the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

Posted by: Fred 2020-03-30