Killing Free Speech in Austria
[Gatestone Inst.]
  • The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) ignores that there may be a context and a reason for "portraying newcomers as a threat to security". It does not consider the proliferation of Islamic terrorism in Europe or research showing that terrorists have migrated into Europe disguised as asylum seekers, who have gone on to perpetrate deadly terrorist attacks.

  • "According to the study, six of the 16 mosque associations examined (37.5%) pursue 'a policy that actively impedes integration into society and to some extent exhibits fundamentalist tendencies.' Half of the 16 mosques examined 'preach a dichotomous worldview, the pivotal tenet of which is the division of the world into Muslims on one side, and everyone else on the other.' Six of the mosques were found to practice 'explicit denigration of Western society'."

  • None of this context exists for ECRI, which appears to operate in a vacuum, unencumbered by real world facts.

  • Instead, ECRI commends Austria for having "several measures in place... which aim to combat hate speech by developing a counter-narrative."...

In Austria, more censorship is clearly on the way.
Posted by: Clem 2020-07-09