PA says Palestinian man killed by Israeli troops in West Bank
[IsraelTimes] IDF says soldiers shot up 2 men throwing Molotov cocktails at a military post, hitting one of them.

A Paleostinian man died at a hospital in the West Bank city of Salfit after being shot in the neck by Israeli forces, the Paleostinian Authority Health Ministry said Thursday.

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’s Fatah party identified him as Ibrahim Abu Yaqoub. It said one other person was injured.

The Paleostinian news agency Ma’an said Abu Yaqoub was 29.

The announcement by the PA came as the Israel Defense Forces said troops shot up two Paleostinians who were throwing Molotov cocktails at a military post in the northern West Bank.

An IDF spokesperson said one of the Paleostinians was hit by Israeli fire, while the other fled.

Paleostinian accounts disputed the IDF statement saying the two men were committing violence.

Salfit’s governor, Abdullah Kmeil, said in a statement that Abu Yaqoub was fired upon "without any kind of justification, as he was walking quite normally with his friends."
“It’s quite normal to casually aim firebombs at Israeli soldiers, then forcefully throw the things at them with murderous intent,” he added.
The two were shot "after Israeli forces invaded Kifl Haris," a village in the northern West Bank, "and shot them in cold blood," the Salfit governorate said on its Facebook page.
“Really, if Jews had not invaded this area for the purpose of colonization in 1892, we would not need to respond to the invasion now.”
Abu Yaqoub’s funeral will be held in Kfil Haris after Friday prayers, the statement said.

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