The U.S. Wants India as a Real Ally, Not Another Helpless Dependent
I’m sure John Frum and Dron66046 are all in on this.
[AmSpectator, HT AOSHQ] China’s Xi Jinping must be working for President Donald Trump. Although New Delhi has moved closer to the U.S. in recent years, no Indian government would subordinate its policies to Washington. If the Modi government fails to act, however, it will be inviting blackmail and coercion by Beijing.

Indeed, the latest bloodshed in the Himalayas, in which the People’s Republic of China is widely seen as the aggressor, pushed Indian analysts to contemplate the desirability of forging a military alliance with America. Editorialized the Hindustan Times: New Delhi should "double down on its partnership with the U.S.... and be a part of any club that seeks to contain Chinese power." Researcher Sushant Sareen suggested the choice was between reinforcing failure and making a new policy "which involves a much closer alliance with the U.S. and its allies."

It’s an idea that may appeal to more than a few policymakers in Washington. How better to encircle the PRC than add some military bases in South Asia? Yet America’s objective should not be to collect another hapless defense dependent, which justifies its anemic military efforts by relying on a U.S. security guarantee. Rather, Washington should seek partners that cooperate with America to enhance American security, especially by increasing the size, sophistication, effectiveness, and reach of their own militaries.
Posted by: Frank G 2020-07-27