Hearing for Trump Pentagon nominee axed over his anti-Islam remarks
[IsraelTimes] Retired general Anthony Tata, who called Obama a ’terrorist leader’ and referred to the former US president as a Moslem, continues to advise the defense secretary.

A Senate committee abruptly canceled a confirmation hearing Thursday on a controversial former general’s nomination to a top Pentagon post after a furor over offensive remarks he made about Islam and other inflammatory comments.

The nomination of retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata to be the Pentagon’s undersecretary for policy was already under fire from Senate Democrats, who sent a letter to him this week calling for him to withdraw. Tata, a staunch supporter of US President Donald Trump
...the Nailer of NAFTA...
and a Fox News commentator, has been working in the department as a senior adviser.

It wasn’t clear Thursday if his nomination would be withdrawn.

According to media reports, Tata posted tweets in 2018 calling Islam the "most oppressive violent mostly peaceful religion I know of," and he called former US president Barack Obama
I inhaled. That was the point...
a "terrorist leader," and referred to him as Moslem. The tweets were later taken down.

The Senate Armed Services Committee chair, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, announced the hearing’s cancellation shortly before it was scheduled to start.

"There are many Democrats and Republicans who didn’t know enough about Anthony Tata to consider him for a very significant position at this time," Inhofe said. He said the panel didn’t get required documents from Tata until Thursday. "As I told the president last night, we’re simply out of time with the August recess coming, so it wouldn’t serve any useful purpose to have a hearing at this point, and he agreed."

Jonathan Hoffman, the Pentagon’s chief spokesperson, told news hounds that Tata continues to work as an adviser to Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Islamic groups have repeatedly called for politicians to oppose Tata’s nomination. And they hailed the hearing cancellation.

"If Mr. Tata truly does not have enough votes to proceed, his defeat will represent a victory over anti-Moslem bigotry, and for the principle that hatred has no place in our government," said Robert McCaw, government affairs director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
... the Moslem Brüderbund's American arm ...
Tata, who retired in 2009 after 28 years in the Army, served in a number of command and combat jobs.
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