Israel army says it has foiled a terror attack at the border with Syria

The Times of Israel adds:
The four suspects were under IDF surveillance over the course of several hours before the troops opened fire, being monitored by female soldiers operating powerful security cameras, known in Hebrew as Tatzpitaniyot.

The men were first seen approaching the area at around 8 p.m., and they crossed the official Israel-Syria border — but not the security fence separating the two countries, which lies a few meters west — some three hours later.

"They crossed the ’alpha line’ so they were totally within Israeli territory," Zilberman said, referring to the technical term for the line marking the Israel-Syria border.

Seeing that the men were armed, the lookouts directed a group of Maglan soldiers, who had been lying in wait, to the location.

The special forces troops opened fire with machine guns and other weapons, while an aircraft overhead also fired at the suspects. "I can say with high certainty that they were killed," Zilberman said.

The front man said the lookouts had noted a number of cases of people approaching the border "pretending to be innocent shepherds" in recent days, which the military believed to in fact be reconnaissance operations ahead of an attack. In light of these concerns, the IDF sent a Maglan team to the area to act as an "ambush" if such an attack should occur, Zilberman said.

The IDF front man said that while the outpost where the men planted the bomb was unmanned, the military still considered the attempted attack to be serious matter as the area is often patrolled by Israeli troops.

The military on Monday morning released the footage of the men entering Israeli territory (above). The weapons that the IDF said were in their possession are not clearly visible in the grainy footage filmed with a night-vision camera.

In the video, the men can be seen stalking through a field and approaching the security fence. The suspects could then be seen standing behind a mound of dirt before they were apparently hit with a missile, which causes a kaboom where they were standing.
Posted by: Fred 2020-08-03