In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent
[THEGATEWAYPUNDIT] - Robert Kennedy Jr.
...Kennedy, environmental activist, rabid anti-vaxxer...
and Harvard Attorney Alan Dershowitz debated on the topic of the coronavirus vaccine back in July.

During the debate, Kennedy Jr. claimed that Dr. Anthony Fauci invested $500 million in the vaccine
(with taxpayer $$)
...that kind of thing is part of his job, actually, and fulfills a directive from President Trump. Hopefully he invested similar amounts in a number of companies working on other vaccine options, to increase the odds of getting one that actually works...
that is not safe by any means
...all medical research is a high risk investment. That’s half the reason it’s so expensive to turn a viable idea into a salable product — all the failures each success must subsidize. So low-profit items like vaccines generally don’t get attention unless there is a major grant upfront to cover the development costs...
and Fauci owns half the patent so he's due to make millions.
Probably not due anything at all, actually. Generally, patents registered while working for a company or the government are signed over to the company or the government paying one’s wages. Sometimes the worker will get a small bonus, though I never got anything more than an attagirl for the little thing I did for that sparkly kids’ toothpaste. Now if he bought stock in the company, that’s illegal insider trading for which you can go to jail.

If true, would explain a bit
It’s possible Mr. Kennedy, Jr., esq. is right about the investment without being right about vaccines.

Posted by: Mullah Richard 2020-08-05