LGBTQ Blog Publishes List Of Female Athletes' Names, Harassing Them For Asking NCAA To Protect Women's Sports
[Federalist] Outsports, an LGBTQ sports and activism blog owned by Vox Media, published the names of over 300 women athletes who stood their ground by signing a letter addressed to the National College Athletic Association Board of Governors asking for the preservation of women’s sports "without permission."

In the letter, hundreds of women athletes urge the NCAA board not to participate in a boycott organized by the American Civil Liberties Union and transgender athlete Lindsay Hecox against Idaho for passing the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which necessitates participation by student athletes according to their sex.
Wait! "transgender athlete Lindsay Hecox"?? What, "Vajayjay MahBalls" was taken?
"Fairness for female athletes should not be a political or partisan issue," the letter read. "We athletes have diverse views on many topics, but stand united on this fact: protecting the integrity of women’s sports is pro-woman, pro-fairness, and consistent with the purpose and promise of Title IX."

While many of the signatories were "afraid of the backlash that they might get on social media of being labeled a transphobe or a hater" if their names were released, Outpost published screenshots of all of the names claiming that it was "in the public interest, because those who stand in favor of discrimination ought to be held accountable."

Posted by: Besoeker 2020-08-05