ANTIFA Firebugs Arrested for Stupidity; One Culprit Caught Asking Firefighter for Ride into Town
Some perp pics and an eye-opening screen grab at link. :-)
[QMNews] ANTIFA’s firebugs are getting caught for causing havoc, but primarily because of their own stupidity.

Reviewing some of the more outlandish capers gone awry, while our forests may still be in jeopardy, President Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize is certainly safe from competition from these fools.

On July 29th in Glide, Oregon, a Sutherlin man was arrested for starting fires in a forest according to KEZI.com.

Firefighters had arrived at an area northeast of Glide near McComas Creek and found him armed with a machete. The man wanted the firefighters to give him a ride into Glide, threatening to set more fires if they didn’t give him a lift.


Deputies arrived and identified him as Jedediah Fulton, 39, of Sutherlin. Authorities said Fulton admitted to setting multiple fires in the area. He reportedly told deputies he had been in the forest for about three hours and was trying to get help.

According to authorities, there were a total of six fires in the McComas Creek area, and the largest of them was about a quarter-acre in size.

Fulton was taken to the Douglas County Jail on charges of reckless burning, interfering with a firefighter and menacing.

Other ANTIFA firestarters were similarly intellectually challenged.

In Placer County, CA, 37-year-old Kevin Carle of Olympic Valley was arrested for allegedly starting a fire on August 8 near the 1800 block of North Lake Tahoe Boulevard.

That fire was quickly contained after a witness saw Carle attempting to start it, tried to extinguish it themselves and called it into the fire department who put it out.

The witness provided a description of Carle to authorities who quickly apprehended him. When deputies questioned Carle, they say they found him in possession of four lighters.

Deputies also learned Carle had three outstanding warrants for his arrest out of Inyo County.

On August 20th, authorities identified Guadalupe Molina-Pacheco, 30, as the suspect who allegedly set fire to a hillside outside Santa Paula.

They described him as homeless and said he was found near the property involved. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze, called the Harvest Fire, to about 3 acres with no property damage.

Molina-Pacheco was arrested on suspicion of a felony arson violation and on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor.

Last week a Chico, CA transient man was arrested for setting a large clothing donation trailer in the parking lot of the Chico Marketplace on fire.

The mall security provided authorities with security camera recordings which revealed that the person caught on camera was wearing unique clothing and was easily identifiable.

Apparently, a man fitting the description appeared again at the location and security notified the Chico police department who quickly apprehended 24-year-old Vanya Hummel for arson.

Police said Hummel was confirmed to be on felony probation through Siskiyou County for assault with a deadly weapon.

Damage to the donation facility and the items inside was estimated to be between $10,000 and $20,000.

Finally, a man was attempting to start a fire on a woman’s property as she pulled into the driveway so she did what any smart gun-toting American woman would do in that same situation...she pulled out her gun, walked the man off her property to the asphalt at gunpoint, made him get down into the prone position on the ground and waited for the police to arrive.

The guy had warrants for his arrest to include assaulting a police officer.
Posted by: gorb 2020-09-16