Verizon To Dump Unprofitable ‘Huffington Post’ As Traffic Sags
Sagging, just like Arianna's tits...
[Zero Hedge] - The Huffington Post has already been gutted by several waves of layoffs since the left-leaning digital news aggregator was sold to Verizon as part of a deal to buy the rest of AOL's assets in 2015. Now, the New York Post is reporting that the telecoms giant, which engineered the acquisition as part of a larger content play, is shopping around for a buyer.

But in one of the worst environments for bloated digital media outlets in ages, it appears Verizon is having trouble finding a seller.
That's because they should be looking for a "BUYER". Idiots
To be fair, HuffPo essentially came with the rest of the furniture during Verizon's $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL, a deal that has proven about as disastrous as one might expect.
Posted by: Raj 2020-09-29