Hundreds of Antifa Attack Conservative Free Speech Rally in San Francisco, Punch Organizer’s Teeth Out, Assault Several Others
[RedState] I wrote earlier about radical leftists at the Woman’s March in Washington, D.C. harassing and shutting down the rally supporting Amy Coney Barrett, like the true fascist
...anybody you disagree with, damn them...
s they are.

But that wasn’t the only place that the radical leftist fascists were active on Saturday.

Conservatives gathered for a free speech rally on Saturday in the Socialist paradise of San Francisco
...where God struck dead Anton LaVey, home of the Sydney Ducks, ruled by Vigilance Committee from 1859 through 1867, reliably and volubly Democrat since 1964...
, with a focus on the suppression going on from big tech for things like Twitter suppressing the NY Post Hunter Biden story.

Team Save America organizer Philip Anderson was behind the event.

But free speech was apparently too much for Antifa
...the armed wing of the Democratic Party...
. Several hundred ’counter protesters’ (in the words of the AP) surged into the area, attacking the conservatives.

You can see some of the pictures here. They apparently attacked several people including Anderson and a police officer.

Anderson was walking away, trying to protect another rally goer from the Antifa people when he was sucker-punched from behind. The Antifa person then hit him a second time, full-on in the mouth, knocking out his teeth.

Attacking a black man and calling him a racial slur. Antifa really showing that "black lives matter," right?
Posted by: trailing wife 2020-10-18