Portland protests drive powerful Dem's Oregon district toward young Republican rival
Another race to watch.
[FoxNews] In the regularly blue state of Oregon, voters in a purple district near the city of Portland are turning away from long-term Democratic incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio in favor of a young Republican challenger.

Army veteran Alek Skarlatos, 27, gained international fame for halting an turban attack aboard a Gay Paree-bound train in 2015.
His adventures, along with two friends, are described here. There was also an Englishman and a Frenchman or two who courageously involved themselves, as reported in subsequent articles on the subject. Genuine WoT heroes, all.
He's also one of House Republicans' best recruits this year, outraising DeFazio by $1.2 million and outspending him by over $900,000 in the most recent quarter.

Posted by: trailing wife 2020-10-19