Minneapolis residents sue city over lack of police
[THEPOSTMILLENNIAL] Cathy Spann, a resident of Minneapolis, MN, is initiating a lawsuit against the city, contending that undue violence and a lack of public safety have been exacerbated by low numbers of coppers patrolling the streets.

According to local news, Spann is arguing that the police force has fallen below the minimum level of protection required by the city's charter which has resulted in the endangerment of its residents.

"Enough is really enough," Spann said. "We want law and order. We want reform." Spann ran for City Council in Minneapolis to represent Ward 5 in 2017, but she did not win that race.

Cathy Spann says she is tired of hearing gunshots every night, and she isn't the only one. So far, eight other citizens have filed similar lawsuits. Spann is the director of the Jordan Area Community Council, and has been advocating for police since July. This was when the "defund the police" movement under BLM was in full swing.

"Whether you agree or disagree with that, that’s OK," Spann said at the time. "But here is the issue I have: There is no plan. We know we need change. But you not going to leave me unprotected in the streets, in the bus, in my house."

Another black resident of the neighbourhood, Jean Loyd, agreed with Spann, saying "How are you going to dismantle something if you don’t have a plan of action? And I think that’s what happens many times — our elected officials are reactionary instead of proactive."

Posted by: Fred 2020-10-21