F117s leave den!
[The Drive] Some of those who live and travel around Marine Corps Air Station Miramar got one heck of a surprise this afternoon as a pair of F-117 Nighthawks recovered at the sprawling air base situated north of downtown San Diego. The jets' visit comes as the officially retired F-117 force has drastically expanded its operations, now being used constantly for testing and aggressor duties in a far more visible manner, including during high-profile exercises, such as Red Flag.

It isn't clear exactly what the stealth jets are doing there, but aircraft that are participating in exercises that take place over the massive range complex off the Southern California coast often stage out of Miramar. As part of their expanded operations, F-117s have ventured off the SoCal coast for drills on multiple occasions, as The War Zone was first to report, including working with carrier strike groups that are spinning up for deployment.
Posted by: 3dc 2020-10-21