4 busted for drugs in Sulaimani
[NRT Digital Media] SULAIMANI — Four suspects were arrested in Sulaimani city’s Sarchinar neighborhood on Friday on charges of narcotics use, police said on Monday (January 25).

Sulaimani Police Directorate’s Relations and Media Department said in a statement that police seized paraphernalia and a quantity of narcotics as well, without specifying the amount.

Three suspects were in their early twenties and the other one was below eighteen years old, who were detained in accordance with Article 14 of the Anti-Narcotics Law, read the statement.

In December, the Kurdistan Region’s General Narcotics Control Directorate said that it seized more than half a ton of drugs during 2020 and arrested 1,133 suspects on drug-related charges.

The Kurdistan Region largely acts as a transit route for narcotics coming from Iran and central Asia to Europe, with limited but growing domestic consumption, according to officials and activists.

Posted by: badanov 2021-01-26