Italian Embassy Vehicle Hit by IED in Kabul
The IED campaign in Kabul continues. This kind of thing is more effective when everyone knows who is doing it, though.
[ToloNews] An armored vehicle of the Italian embassy was hit by an IED blast in Kabul city on Monday morning, a security source said.

"The vehicle that was targeted belongs to the Italian embassy and was carrying Afghan employees of the embassy. One person was slightly maimed in the blast," the source said, adding that "a vehicle of the Ministry of Economy that was passing by was also damaged."

Kabul police said that the incident happened about 7:30am local time, adding that there were no casualties.

No group including the Taliban
...the Pashtun equivalent of men...
has grabbed credit for the blast.

TOLOnews figures shows that in the past 100 days, over 177 security incidents including suicide kabooms, IED blasts and crimes happened in Kabul, and 177 people were killed and 360 others were maimed.

Posted by: trailing wife 2021-01-26