Major work accident in Gaza
[Jpost] An explosion destroyed a home in Gaza Saturday morning as terrorists attempted to prepare explosives to purportedly attack Israel, according to an IDF tweet.

The explosion took place in the home of a Hamas operative and at least 30 were injured in the explosion, according to Israeli media. Pictures posted on Twitter by the IDF showed the massive extent of damage to the house from the blast.

Avichay Adraee, the IDF spokesperson for Arabic media, said on Twitter that the explosion was a result of storing weapons in the house. Adraee went on to say that "the story of the house is the story of many homes in the Gaza Strip," that are being used for weapons storage.

"They have turned [homes] into warehouses of weapons, military parts and missiles for terrorist organizations and the people who pay the price in the end are the innocent civilians," Adraee said.
Posted by: Steve White 2021-01-26