Rare clashes breakout between Syrian military and Kurdish forces in northeast Syria
[AlMasdar] A series of festivities broke out between the government-aligned National Defense Forces (NDF) and Kurdish-led Asayish police forces in the northeastern region of Syria on Saturday, resulting in several hours of tension between the both sides.

According to local reports, the festivities broke out during a dispute between the NDF and Asayish along the front-lines of the two forces inside Qamishli (Al-Hasakah Governorate), one of the largest cities in Syria.

The festivities forced the Russian military police to get involved, who dispersed the two sides and reestablished security between the Qamishli International Airport and the neighborhoods under the control of the Asayish.

The reports from the area said calm has returned to Qamishli and its surroundings, despite some disputes between the government and Kurdish-led forces in the al-Hasakah Governorate.

Tensions have recently risen between the government and Kurdish-led forces after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began to block the exits of the administrative capital, prompting protests from locals and state employees.

Furthermore, the government has accused the SDF and its political wing of aiding the U.S.’ economic blockade of the Syrian Arab Republic by blocking trade between the two sides east of the Euphrates.

The SDF has not responded to these allegations.
Posted by: trailing wife 2021-01-26