Rebel plot to crash plane into buildings foiled
Colombia's secret police announced yesterday they had foiled a plot by leftist rebels to crash a plane into either the Congress building or the presidential palace.
Original little devils, aren't they?
The plan was aborted with the arrest of Jorge Enrique Carvajalino, who secret police director Colonel Gustavo Jaramillo called ''the brains of the attack.'' Jaramillo said Carvajalino had recruited a pilot who had agreed to fly a plane into the Congress building during Independence Day ceremonies on July 20 or into the presidential palace on Aug. 7, during the inauguration of the next president. He said Carvajalino was arrested in Bogota on July 18 - just two days before Independence Day.
Bet they could have nabbed him before then...
Carvajalino is the brother of a member of the top leadership of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Jaramillo said the suicide pilot, who authorities have not identified, had worked with drug traffickers and had agreed to fly the plane in exchange for $2 million from the rebel group. The rebel group, also known as the FARC, was planning to steal a plane in Bogota, or in the coastal city of Baranquilla, he said.
"Hey! We need a suicide pilot. You available?"
"Sure. What's it pay?"
"$2 million. Y'got any experience?"

Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2002-07-25