A busy day in Kabul: Talib assassin toes up, Talib Kabul Number 2 tied up, 2 kabooms kill 1

ANP nabs, kills two Taliban assassins in Kabul
[KhaamaPress] Kabul police said an active member of the Taliban
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has been killed by security forces in PD12 of Kabul city.

Ministry of Interior affairs tweeted, that ANP members killed a member of the Taliban following a special operation.

The killed Taliban member was assigned for a series of assassinations and liquidations in Kabul, and another assailant involved with him in his actions was detained.

NDS busts deputy shadow governor for Kabul, Taliban deny the allegations
[KhaamaPress] National Directorate of Security
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confirmed, that the Taliban
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’s deputy shadow governor & military chief for Kabul, Mohammad, also known as Haji Lala, has been arrested by NDS forces in a special operation.

According to the NDS, Mohammad had joined the Taliban through Jabbar Agha, one of the Taliban commanders, and Shadow governor for Kabul.

Haji Lala was initially appointed as a senior member of the Taliban and was in charge of a 10 men unit.

NDS indicated, that Mohammad was appointed as the acting military chief in Kabul after Jabbar Agha left for Pakistain.

Following his appointment, the detainee traveled from Kandahar province to central Kabul, where he was captured and arrested.

Media outlets reported, the Taliban denied NDS’ allegations, saying he is neither Haji Lala nor he is the Taliban’s deputy governor for Kabul.

This comes as an Afghan security force member was killed and four others including civilians were maimed in a kaboom in Kaldar district of northern Balkh province on Saturday, local officials confirmed.

Two Blasts Happen in Kabul; 1 Civilian Killed: Police
[ToloNews] Two blasts happened in Kabul on Saturday morning, leaving one civilian dead and four others maimed, according to police.

The first explosion happened in the Pul-e-Company area west of Kabul, police said.

Sources said one person was maimed in the earth-shattering kaboom.

The explosion targeted a vehicle carrying the finance officer of a security forces regiment who was heading to Maidan Wardak province, sources said.

Another explosion happened in the Salim Karwan area in Kabul’s PD4, targeting a corolla vehicle, which belonged to civilians, police said.

One civilian was killed and three more were maimed in the earth-shattering kaboom, police said in a statement.

The blasts happen at a time that assassinations have increased in Kabul.

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three people, including a child, were killed in a kaboom in Panjwai district in Kandahar province this morning, the provincial police said in a statement.
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