Drones in the skies, enhanced security on ground as India braces for chakka jam
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About the protestRiot.

The farmer in India is someone who has to go through the State machiery and reams of bribe funded red-tape to sell his produce. 70 years of this system have festered a culture of only the rich ones controlling the market, a syndicate. Since most of them are in Punjab and as they grew richer they emigrated to Canada, Europe etc they became radicalized as khalistanis.

The Farmers in the protest are the richest ones, the ones who benefit from the system. Adding to their numbers are jihadis, globalist Marxists, the liberal opposition trying to get back in power and assorted mercenary interests.

The govt policy is now changing to allow the farmer to sell his produce directly via an open market, where the buyer handles everything from point of sale. I know, you already have that. Point is everyone should. But to the interest outside India that brings about at eventuality where the farmer gets individually richer because of a nationalist govt's policy, which is unacceptable if 'Nationalism' has to be destroyed.

Enter the Soros children.

NOTE: One of the listed demands of the 'poor farmers' was, the central security forces must unconditionally release all islamic terrorists and facilitators and maoist terrorist recruiters caught in the past year. What this has to do with farming is a mystery; but what it is, is a neon-lit sign that says 'hostile'.
[OneIndia] A high alert has been declared in Delhi ahead of the chakka jam by farmers.

Drones have been deployed a massive security cover is in place to ensure that a January 26 like situation doesn't arise. The farmer unions have however said that the chakka jam will not affect Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The chakka jam will begin at 12 pm and end at 3 pm.

The police will also be monitoring content on the social media to keep a watch on those spreading rumours against the force, officials said.

Farmer unions on Monday had announced a countrywide 'chakka jam' on February 6 when they would block national and state highways for three hours in protest against the internet ban in areas near their agitation sites, harassment allegedly meted out to them by authorities, and other issues.

Elaborating about the security arrangements for the proposed 'chakka jam', Delhi Police PRO Chinmoy Biswal said in view of the violence that took place on January 26, adequate security arrangements have been put in place by the Delhi Police at the borders so that miscreants are not able enter the national capital.

"We are monitoring content on the social media to make sure rumours are not spread against the police. The protestors are camping at the borders of Delhi. We are in touch with the police force of other states also," he added.

A senior police officer said to prevent any kind of law and order situation and disruption of normal life during the 'chakka jam', adequate forces are being deployed across the outer-north district of Delhi Police.

"We have a very high security arrangement at Singhu at present but for Saturday, we are strengthening it at the border.

"We are deploying forces at all important points in the entire outer-north district of Delhi Police as a preventative measure to ensure that traffic and normal life is not affected, and also to ensure that there is no law and order situation or unauthorized 'chakka jam' being done by violating norms," he said.

Another senior police officer from east district of Delhi Police said as a precautionary measure, iron nails studded on the roads have also been repositioned behind the barricades at the Ghazipur border, another protest site.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Deepak Yadav said, "According to the protesting farmers, they will not enter the national capital, but still as a precautionary measure, we have made adequate security arrangements to maintain law and order. Adequate police presence will be in place at all important points and junctions across the district.

"There will additional deployment of pickets at all the border points. All vehicles will be checked thoroughly at the entry and exit points of pickets and borders. Additional buses have already been taken and extra barricades are being put up at the picket points across the city."
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