BLM and Antifa march in DC, threaten to 'burn down' Washington
[Blaze Media] Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters marched in the streets of Washington, D.C., where demonstrators scuffled with police officers and the crowd shouted threats to "burn down" the nation's capital.
Right-wing nationalist, Christian, Trump lovers, every one!
On Saturday night, members of BLM and Antifa protested in D.C., where they regularly chanted, "If we don't get it, burn it down!"
Do they have a list of demands? A manifesto?
During the "FTP March" (an acronym for "F*** The Police"), the mob shouted the anti-police battle cry, "A.C.A.B. All cops are bastards!"

The demonstrators stopped near a row of restaurants, where protest leaders delivered lectures about "race, Black and Indigenous lives" to nearby diners.
D. C. used to be such a nice place to visit.
At one point, things escalated after a black bloc protester shined a light into the face of a police officer, who then slapped away the flashlight. The black bloc member retaliated and smacked the police officer. The officer then pushed the crowd back by using his bicycle.
I have never understood this bicycle fetish of the blue city police. I would think a baton works a lot better then an unbalanced piece of junk like a bicycle.
The black bloc protester then slaps another cop. The officer thrusts his bike even more aggressively into the crowd dressed in all black. During the tense situation, a female in the crowd tells the officer to put his face mask on.
Several video clips at the link, if you like.
It looks like they checked off all the usuals, except destroying store fronts and emptying the stores. Ugh. The Democrats promised life would go back to normal if they were elected — they own this now.

Posted by: Bobby 2021-02-08