Fact check: Are COVID-19 vaccines causing deaths?
Followup on comments to "Survey Shocker: Majority Now Says It'll Take A Pass On This Rushed #Covid Vaccine" here
[DW.com] - Online claims of coronavirus vaccines being lethal are rife following a string of deaths in care homes that vaccinated residents. DW looks into cases around the world and what was behind them.

With coronavirus vaccine distribution well underway around the world, all eyes are on those who have already received the jabs.

For those who don't read past the headlines, a concerning narrative appears — "Fifteen deaths after coronavirus vaccination," "Deaths at care home after coronavirus vaccine," "Volunteer in vaccine trial dies after COVID-19 vaccine."

In each case, there's more to the story than meets the eye. DW reviewed several cases in Germany, Spain, the United States, Norway, Belgium, and Peru, finding that in all cases experts from multiple health authorities could not find causal links between the vaccination and deaths.
Not just USA conspiracy, but a worldwide conspiracy?
As of publication, at least 37 million coronavirus vaccinations have been administered in these countries, according to Bloomberg's global vaccine tracker. In those countries, the total number of reported deaths that have occurred post-vaccination is around 350. As US data includes user-submitted information, at least 181 of these cases have not been independently verified.
But never mind. 350/37000000 = 0.0000095. According to Worldometer, covid-cases/covid-deaths = 3% = 0.03. Now 0.03/0.000095 = 3158
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2021-02-19