Clashes in Mogadishu throw Somalia’s political crisis into a dangerous new phase
Somali politics as usual. Not really anything to do with the local battles in the War on Terror, except they’re using traditional non-democratic means to determine who gets to rake the standard percentage off the top of international donations.
[Garowe] Gun and mortar fire could be heard in central Mogadishu on Friday morning amid a lockdown imposed by the government — ostensibly in place to enforce social distancing but timed to coincide with mass protests called by opposition parties.

The outgoing Trump administration in Washington ordered the removal of around 700 U.S. security personnel from Somalia by January, to be repositioned on bases in neighboring Kenya and Djibouti where they continue to advise and train Somali special forces.
Somalia has been in a constitutional crisis for nearly two weeks after an agreed-upon election date elapsed on Feb. 8 without voting, leaving president Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed "Farmajo" without a mandate, his opponents said.

Negotiations on a new date have failed, and Somalia’s fragile and often violent mostly peaceful politics have went kaboom! into acrimony. In Friday’s early morning hours, a hotel where two major opposition candidates were staying came under heavy gunfire in what one — Farmajo’s former deputy, Hassan Ali Khaire — called a crude liquidation attempt.
Posted by: trailing wife 2021-02-20