Gov. Cuomo reportedly 'groomed' ex-aide for sex, 'derailed' her career
One of Gov. Andrew Sonny Cuomo’s accusers believes he "groomed her" for sex — and her lawyer says he "derailed" the young woman’s career, according to reports Thursday.

Charlotte Bennett, 25, spoke to the "CBS Evening News" for an interview set to air Thursday night and anchor Norah O’Donnell previewed her remarks in a video clip posted on Twitter.

Bennett, a former Cuomo aide, detailed the "shocking questions" that Cuomo, 63, allegedly "asked her about her sex life," including whether "she had sex with older men," O’Donnell said.

Cuomo also allegedly "told her he was lonely."

"She talks about how she believes that Gov. Cuomo groomed her," O’Donnell said.

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Bennett’s lawyer, Debra Katz, told CBS News that the alleged sexual harassment "derailed her career."

Bennett left the Cuomo administration in November and now works as director of operations for Primary Maternity Care, according to her resume on the LinkedIn website.
Posted by: Fred 2021-03-05