Andrew Cuomo's insulting 'bumbling man' defense
[NYPOST] After eight days in his hidey-hole, three women having credibly accused him of sexual harassment, Governor Cuomo emerged wide-eyed and teary, hand splayed against heart, offering this line of defense:I had no idea.

How insulting. How specious. Cynical to the point of camp.

If only there was something like, I don’t know, a widely-circulated photo of a grinning Cuomo with his hands on either side of one young accuser’s grimacing face, her expression clearly telegraphing please-stop-let-me-go, that could have communicated such resistance to the governor.

Scripted line from Cuomo’s presser yesterday, repeated for emphasis: "I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable."

Who are you going to believe? Andrew Sonny Cuomo or your lying eyes?

I had no idea has become the last refuge of the scoundrel. It’s the go-to response in every crisis manager’s playbook, a one-size-fits-all explanation for every sexual harasser who otherwise cannot defend nor deny his behavior.

It’s doubly diabolical for its sexist subtext: "Calm down, ladies. Let’s not get hysterical."
Right. Because when women get upset, by default we’re being illogical. Our emotions automatically override cognitive function.

And so it’s left to these poor men, ever beleaguered by us women with our standards and self-worth, to explain that sexual harassment isn’t so bad. Just let these men learn from their mistakes in peace. Consequences aren’t necessary.

This is nothing short of gaslighting. It’s blaming women for having the absolute morally and legally correct reaction: Sexual harassment is wrong. Full stop.

Posted by: Fred 2021-03-05