'It's a new Cultural Revolution': Mom who survived Maoist China's purges rages against woke Loudoun County School Board for pushing 'neo-racism' and teacher warns against 'indoctrination camps' in classrooms
  • Loudoun County School Board held a meeting on Wednesday night, where concerned teachers and parents spoke out against Critical Race Theory
  • Loudoun County officials say they are not officially using CRT, but have pledged to push for 'equity' and have begun using many CRT 'buzzwords and concepts'
  • Parent Xi Van Fleet told the Board that the push is 'heartbreaking' because it reminds her of her time living in Maoist China
  • Van Fleet says she experienced 'freedom' after moving to the US, but believes it is now being eroded because people are fearful of speaking out against CRT
  • Educator Lilit Vanetsyan urged scared parents and students to stand up against the push to implement the theory into lesson plans
  • 'Do not allow anybody to tell you that you cannot accomplish anything because of your skin color,' she implored

Posted by: Skidmark 2021-06-12