Tucker Carlson, Buckhead, and Why Our Cities Fail
[SPECTATOR.ORG] Keisha Lance Bottoms might well be an abject fool, and she is unquestionably terrible at running a major city. This is not in question. But Keisha Bottoms, like any urban Democrat mayor, is not an island unto herself. She’s more of an iceberg. She’s what you see, but beneath the surface is a vast political machine, an army of political fixers and operatives and assorted grifters, babus bureaucrats, lawyers, and street hustlers. Most of them are educated, at least to a degree, almost all of them have lots of experience in politics and government, and even if Bottoms is a fool they are not.

So how does Atlanta collapse from a world-class city to one that has its nicest area trying to escape? Not by accident.

Look, what makes a place livable is not the presence of lots of rich people. Rich people put themselves behind high walls, and rich people do what they can to keep the riffraff out. Having lots of rich people makes an area exclusive, not livable.
Posted by: Fred 2021-06-17