Afghan Forces Retake Center of Kunduz’s Khan Abad District
[ToloNews] Afghan cops retook the center of Khan Abad district in northern Kunduz province on Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Wednesday.

The clearing operation was launched by the security forces on Tuesday night and "this morning the forces retook the center of the district," it said.

Fawad Aman, deputy front man for the Ministry of Defense, said: "Qari Hashem, a Taliban
...the Pashtun equivalent of men...
commander who was leading the war in the district, has been killed with his 30 fighters during the operation."

The Taliban has not yet commented on the operation.

The center of the district has repeatedly switched hands in close fighting over the past several days, according to sources.

Fawzia Yaftali, a member of the provincial council, said that at least five non-combatants were killed--including women and kiddies--and 20 others, also including women and kiddies, were maimed during the festivities in the district.

"The preliminary reports indicate that the non-combatants were killed and maimed in firing from Afghan air forces," she said.

The Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on civilian casualties caused by the operation.
Posted by: trailing wife 2021-06-17