Serbs finger Russian special forces for ammo plant explosion.
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BELGRADE , 22 June 2021 , 00:28 - REGNUM

It is possible that Russian special services are behind the explosions at the Svoboda ammunition factory in the Serbian town of Cacak. This suspicion was voiced on June 21 by the expert of the Institute of International and National Security (Serbia) Darko Trifunovic on the air of the Serbian TV channel Prva.

Trifunovic recalled that all production lines at the Svoboda factory have been updated, and that even Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic doubted that the explosions were accidental, since they occurred in rooms where there is no electrical wiring.

“I would organize an investigation for sabotage,” Trifunovic said, adding that similar incidents have recently occurred in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

"Bulgaria and the Czech Republic are investigating the Russian secret service of the GRU and their Unit 29155 (PDF), which is suspected of organizing explosions at military depots, about which they believed that they were delivering (artillery) weapons to Ukraine," Trifunovich said.

On the same day, the Serbian journalist and politician Zoran Ostoich, on the air of the Pink TV channel, repeated the thesis that Russian special services could be behind the explosions at the Svoboda factory, but he did not rule out that what happened could be a signal to the Serbian leadership after the visit British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. "I would associate this with the visit of the British minister and with the agreement that he signed with Vucic on counteracting foreign malignant influence," said Ostoich.

Let us remind you that the owner of the Pink TV channel Zeljko Mitrovic is considered one of the close associates of Alexander Vucic. The former wife of the President of Serbia, Ksenia Vucic, is the director of one TV channel of the Pink media corporation - Pink 3.

Posted by: badanov 2021-06-22