Shin Bet reports dramatic increase in West Bank attacks on Israelis
[JPost] - A month after Operation Guardian of the Walls, the IDF continues to struggle to maintain calm in the West Bank. With Israel’s attention focused on the Gaza Strip, the flames of violence in the West Bank are at risk of exploding.

According to data released by the Shin Bet, there were 592 attacks in the West Bank and another 178 in Jerusalem in the month of May, compared to a total of 104 in April (80 in the West Bank and 24 in Jerusalem). The May attacks included 401 firebombings, 33 pipe bombs, 87 arson attacks, 47 small-arms fire, two grenade attacks, one vehicular attack and others.

One Israeli civilian, Yehuda Guetta, was also killed in a shooting attack at the Tapuach Junction in early May by 44 year-old Muntasir Shalabi.

Most of the attacks that took place were not carried out by groups, but by lone wolves. Those kinds of attacks, the IDF has admitted, are much more challenging to thwart than attacks planned by groups. If you don’t have an organization you don’t have the signature of the preparedness of the specific attack. Despite the challenges, the great majority of attacks have been thwarted by security forces.

...Along with the high number of attacks against Israeli targets, a report by Ynet news found that 34 Palestinians were killed over the past month, "more than during any month in the past 10 years."
lets make it 340, and see that happens
Posted by: g(r)omgoru 2021-06-23