Fauci Steps In to Correct Pfizer's Unapproved Science
[AmericanThinker] If there has been anything of value coming from the one-two gut punch of the Chinese Communist Party's COVID-19 virus and the Great Reset global oligarchs' use of that virus to remake the world in their lasting favor, it is that more Americans have been awakened to three truths: (1) governments lie to their citizens all the time; (2) the media lie to the public all the time; and (3) because science has become a politically funded tool of government, scientists lie about their research all the time.

On Friday, Chief Politburo Medical Mandater and Flip-Flopper Anthony Fauci proved that truth trifecta yet again by going on CNN and contradicting Pfizer's scientific conclusions on the efficacy of its own vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech, two companies responsible for one of the three vaccines approved for emergency use in the United States, released a statement on Thursday touting their progress on a third "booster" shot that they plan to submit to the Food and Drug Administration and other government authorities for approval in the coming weeks. Their self-congratulatory announcement seemed geared toward neutering recently published medical research from Israel's Ministry of Health that shows that the effectiveness of Pfizer's vaccine at preventing infection and life-threatening symptoms drops precipitously from 94.5% to 64% after only six months. In fact, Pfizer and BioNTech highlighted the Israeli medical research as matching their own in-house laboratory findings on the diminished effectiveness of their two-shot vaccine treatment and used these combined results to argue for the necessity of a future third jab.
Welcome to the Modern West, where you're supposed to accept the lies of the Sciency Establishment, even when they're too stupid to keep their lies straight.

Posted by: Thing From Snowy Mountain 2021-07-12