Douglas County Georgia — Biden Allegedly Gets 100% Of The Vote In Many Batches

[USASUPREME] Former President Donald Trump
...The tack in the backside of the Democratic Party...
declared his opposition to a high-ranking Georgia Republican’s bid for lieutenant governor.Trump invited other Republicans to run against Senate President Pro Tem Butch Miller in the statement released late Wednesday.

"I will not be supporting or endorsing Sen. Butch Miller, running for lieutenant governor of Georgia, because of his refusal to work with other Republican senators on voter fraud and irregularities in the state," Trump said. "Hopefully there will be strong and effective primary challengers for the very important lieutenant governor position!"

This statement comes after a series of allegations of voter fraud in Georgia went un-answered by some of Georgia’s top-ranking GOP officials.

The other Republicans in the race are Jeanne Seaver of Savannah and Mack McGregor of Lafayette.

Jones, of Jackson, was stripped of his committee chair post in January after calling for a special session to consider action to overturn Biden’s victory. Unlike Miller, Jones also signed a court brief supporting the lawsuit by Texas officials challenging election results in Georgia and other states.

Even though liberal fact-checkers rated these allegations as false, the controversy around the Presidential elections in Georgia didn’t stop.

Several months after the elections an image from Douglas County Georgia surfaced and allegedly shows that Biden gets 100% of the vote in many batches.

Posted by: Fred 2021-07-20