ANDSF kill over 1,500 militants during previous week: General Shinwarai
[KhaamaPress] Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces spokesperson General Ajaml Shinwarai said that the forces have conducted 154 military operations in which 1,528 turbans were killed and over 800 more maimed.
Isn’t the usual proportion lots more wounded than killed? What happened here?
During the operations conducted in 20 provinces, 16 snuffies were taken hostages, Shinwarai added.

The operations include land operations, Arclight airstrike
s, and artillery shells.

The spokesperson of ANDSF said that the forces have been out of defensive stance and are currently in offensive one during the latter stance some attacks have also been repelled.

On casualty of civilians he said, a large number of ANDSF operations were suspended in order to prevent civilian casualties in the country.

General Ajlam Shinwarai accused the Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
of killing 14 civilians and wounding nearly thirty more during the previous week.

The claim over civilian casualty comes after UNAMA in its latest report said that the past two months were the deadliest in terms of civilian casualties.

As per the report, nearly 4,500 civilian people have been killed and maimed in Afghanistan which is the highest ever since UNAMA started recording the corpse count in 2009.

The Taliban in a statement reacted to the number and dubbed it one-sided.
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