ACLU will represent woman with 'F*** Biden' yard signs
[WashingtonExaminer] Two New Jersey residents who were previously ordered to remove anti-Joe Biden signage from their property will be represented by a local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, according to court filings from Saturday.

Homeowner Patricia Dilascio was ordered on July 15 by Roselle Park Municipal Court Judge Gary Bundy to remove three of 10 flags displayed on her property within a week or face $250-per-day fines despite some flags being owned by her daughter Andrea Dick. The signage featured profanities and insults such as "F*** Biden," "Joe Biden Sucks," "Socialism Sucks, Biden Blows," and "Don't Blame Me I Voted For Trump," among others...
fwiw, obscenity may be regulated but you have to have a lawful procedure to establish the 'when and where and in what manner' of content that is prohibited.
The same sentiments can be expressed without cussing, most assuredly. But what’s sauce for the Left’s Antifa/BLM ought to be sauce for the Right.

Posted by: Lord Garth 2021-07-28