Kevin McCarthy Goes There in Scathing Comments About Liz Cheney
[REDSTATE] GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy
...the GOP house majority whip. He replaces Eric Cantor, who got whupped because his politix are like Kevin McCarthy's...
may finally be fed up with the political machinations of Liz Cheney
...Faux Republican hereditary congresswoman-for-life from Wyoming. She has been described as Republican royalty. A staunch Never Trumper, Liz supported the second impeachment of Donald Trump for his role in the 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol. Publicans dumped her from her leadership position in May 2021. Refusing to admit that she had trashed her own career, Cheney has said that she intends to be the leader... in a fight to help to restore our party and that she may be interested in a future presidential run....
. Today, when asked about the situation involving Cheney joining forces with Nancy San Fran Nan Pelosi
Posted by: Fred 2021-07-28