Louisiana healthcare millionaire pleads guilty to kidnap plot against his ex-wife which unraveled when the two captors he hired DROWNED while trying to escape police with hostage who survived in back of van
[Daily Mail, where America gets its news] Note: when trying to escape from the Po-Po by jumping in a canal, make sure you can swim first
  • Lawrence Michael Handley, 53, plotted to have his ex-wife Schanda kidnapped

  • The pair married in 2006 but divorced in 2017; that year, he started using drugs

  • He'd made his fortune in rehab centers and launching companies that sold vitamins, among other things

  • In August 2017, while high on meth and cocaine, Handley paid Sylvester Bracey and Arsenio Haynes to kidnap his wife

  • They went to her home, put a bag over her head and put her in their van

  • As they fled, they hit traffic and started speeding up the shoulder of the road

  • It attracted the attention of a cop who chased them; the men crashed, fled on foot, then jumped into a canal where they drowned

  • Schanda survived and was found in the back of the van; Handley was found in a hotel four days later

  • He pleaded guilty on Tuesday to 2 charges and now faces 35 years behind bars

Posted by: Skidmark 2021-07-31