‘We are leaving the Middle East due to China-Russia - We suffered a crushing defeat in simulated war’ (video)
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[WarNews247 Greece] And officially, the U.S. has admitted through top General John Hyten
...U.S. Air Force general who serves as the 11th vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since 2019...
that they are leaving the Middle East to focus on Russia and China.

It was preceded by a simulated war with China over Taiwan in which Us forces suffered a crushing defeat.

"We are leaving the Middle East due to China-Russia"

"We cannot ignore threats in the Middle East. But now we're going to deal with them in another way.

You see it in Afghanistan, Iraq.

With a smaller "footprint" to deal with threats from Russia and China," said General John Hyten who spoke of reordering forces.

The American General said what had been a common secret for a long time. The Asia-Pacific region and China are now the priority.

"The U.S. military suffered a crushing defeat during a classified combat exercise. The exercise revealed vulnerabilities that the Pentagon is trying to fix if it ever confronts a sophisticated enemy like China," said the Deputy Chief of the U.S. Army General Staff.

"Without overestimating the issue,there was a complete failure," Gen. John Hyten said of the combat plan during the October exercise, which he described in detail at the Emerging Technologies Institute in Washington.

The biggest problem arose when the communication networks were attacked.

During the exercise, a Pentagon "red team" playing our hostile role surrounded us, Hyten said."


First I've heard of this source, but the message seems to confirm what I've heard alluded to elsewhere.

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