BOMBSHELL: Blinken Just Told Us How Many Biden Really Left Behind in Afghanistan
[PJ Media via InstaPundit] I’ve been skeptical of the Biden administration’s official number of Americans still left in Afghanistan. They’ve said about 100-200 Americans were left behind (still a tragedy) but one U.S. official said that over 5,000 Americans were likely to end up stranded in the country by the time U.S. forces left.

As of yesterday, they are saying there are about 100 Americans still there—which likely means nothing has changed since the withdrawal concluded on August 30.

But Biden Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a stunning admission today. According to him, the "best estimates are that there’s several thousand [U.S.] green card holders in Afghanistan."
Posted by: Chirong Unomoter2947 2021-09-16