MI -- 14.7% death rate for COVID-19 outbreak among long term care immunized patients
[RecordEagle] TRAVERSE CITY MICHIGAN -- Five deaths at the Grand Traverse Pavilions have been attributed to a COVID-19 outbreak at the county-owned, long-term care facility, according to officials.

Since the Nov. 5 outbreak started, 34 residents and 12 staff members tested positive for the virus, said Rose Coleman, interim CEO/administrator. Of those, five died, 23 are fully recovered and moved back to their rooms and six remain in a COVID-19 unit at the facility.
Article goes on to state that all the residents who tested positive had been vaccinated in previous months. The Pavilions had just started giving booster shots to residents when this outbreak occurred. So far, this is the only outbreak of COVID at the facility. Genotyping was performed and the variant was found to be Delta, and "appears to be resistant to the vaccine we currently have," per Coleman.

A majority of the newly infected residents received monoclonal antibody treatments which Coleman thought were highly effective.

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