Briefly about Ukraine
Direct Translation via Google Translate. Edited.

Commentary by Russian military journalist Boris Rozhin:

[ColonelCassad] 1. China has denied the fakes thrown in the West that Xi Jinping asked Putin not to attack Ukraine during the Olympics

2. The US Department of State has refuted statements thrown in the Western press that the US is preparing to evacuate diplomats from Ukraine. Yes, what are you going to do.

3. Instead of inviting Shoigu to come to Britain, Britain will send its defense minister to Moscow. "Call to the carpet" failed.

4. The US asks Russia not to publish the content of the written response to the Russian demands, which will be submitted to the Russian Federation next week.

5. Germany refuted statements thrown by the Western press about the evacuation of diplomats from Ukraine. Isn't it time to find the source of these stuffing about evacuation?

6. Britain accused Russia of wanting to install a puppet government in Ukraine with the participation of Muraev, Azarov, Arbuzov, etc. persons. Given the fact that some of these people Moscow was not particularly eager to form a "provisional government" in 2014, especially since it will not do this in 2022, all these are old political corpses.

7. The United States and Britain are preparing new parties of various weapons, ammunition and ammunition, which would be transferred to Ukraine in the next few days. So far, it looks like there is a hasty pumping of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine before the inevitable provocation in the Donbass (or in some other place), while the US State Department is playing for time and chattering Russian proposals before the start of events.
Posted by: badanov 2022-01-24