I have the most tattooed privates in the world — it hurts but I'm brave
[NYPOST] She’s inked a new record.
Alert the media!
A British OnlyFans star says she has the most heavily tattooed vagina in the world, with an artist needing five separate sessions to needle her labia.
Boy, howdy. That's a resume entry to be envied by all.
Over the years, Becky Holt, 34, has spent more than $42,000 on a tattoo "bodysuit" with artworks adorning her entire frame, from her face to her feet.
Worth every farthing, I'm sure.
The blonde made sure not to neglect her pubic region, and recently sought to have the sensitive area inked — despite an intense amount of agony it caused.
Well, sure. Having your pee-pee needled is great fun, despite the pain. I sometimes whack mine with a two-by-four. That's fun, too, despite the pain.
You misspelt because of, Fred.
"I was in an incredible amount of pain," Holt told Ark Media of the fifth and final ink session that she underwent on July 5.
I once saw a picture of a woman who had "Glory!" tattooed around her bung hole. I've been trying to forget ever since.
"It’s quite embarrassing having a tattoo artist between your legs but it needed to be finished as I want my body suit to be fully complete," the mom-of-one added.
Embarrassment and pain. Who could ask for more? And just think what her "body suit" is gonna look like when she's 75.

Posted by: Fred 2022-08-07