Joint operation of US, Pakistan to apprehend Khaled Sheikh
FBI agents and Pakistani police and intelligence personnel in a joint operations Friday arrested four foreign suspects of al-Qaed while tracing foot steps of Khaled Sheikh Mohammad, Operational Chief of al-Qaeda. "On the information of the presence of In-charge Operational Wing of al-Qaeda, Khaled Sheikh Mohammad in one of the localities raided, joint operation was conducted," a police official revealed requesting anonymity.
Toldja this was an unusual set of snags...
The official however declined telling whether Khaled Sheikh also amongst the four foreign suspects of al-Qaeda or not. "It will be very difficult to talk about the identity of those arrested moreover I am privy on it," he said.
"They've got 67 different passports among 'em, and all of them say their name is 'Bob.'"
Those arrested also include two Tajiks and other two are believed Arabic speaking, it is learnt. The intelligence agencies on a tip that operation wing of al-Qaeda under Khaled Sheikh Mohammad, a Kuwaiti national are in operation at the Southern port city of Pakistan, had conducted more than four raids on different localities in Karachi.
Khaled's actually a Baluch by blood. He was born in Kuwait, but doesn't have Kuwaiti citizenship. CAIR should probably bitch about that...
The police when raided a house at Ibrahim Hidri area the four suspects including two Tajiks were arrested. They were tenants of one Abdullah who is believed a close relative of Asif Ramzi, an activist of banned Lashkar-e-Jangvi and was wanted to the Karachi police in various cases, it is learnt.
Asif managed to blow himself to pieces a month or two ago...
The police sources disclosed of confiscating satellite phone, binocular, mobile phones, maps and other important documents from the custody of the suspects of al-Qaeda.
That would include the multitude of passports. They don't need to keep explosives around, because that's the job of people like the late Asif...
It is believed that the Australian and two Arabic speaking suspects of al-Qaeda provided the clue of Khaled's presence in Karachi. They were arrested respectively on January 4 and 9 in two separate operations.
So now we'll just have to sit on our hands and wait to see if Khalid's among the prizes taken. I'll just step out for a few minutes and oil up the old ululator, just in case...
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-01-18