Iran to be named in 1994 Argentinian Bombing
As the first anniversary of President Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech nears, Iraq and North Korea have warranted their inclusion, but Iran has lain low. Now Argentina's Secretaría de Inteligencia de Estado (Secretariat of State Intelligence) is about to put Iran back into the bad guys' club. New SIDE boss Miguel Angel Toma has completed a confidential report for federal judge Juan Jose Galeano about the July 18, 1994, bombing of AMIA's (Israel-Argentine Mutual Association) headquarters in Buenos Aires. A total of 85 people died in the attack, and the incident strained Israeli-Argentinian relations for years. Argentine intelligence sources tell UPI that the dramatic report will directly name Hezbollah -- with official Iranian backing -- as the perpetrator of the attack. What is not known is whether Galeano will accept SIDE's conclusions and issue a judicial ruling. Buenos Aires is abuzz that the report will name Iranian government officials and Hezbollah leaders who according to SIDE gave the orders for the bombing. Former Iranian Embassy Cultural Attaché Moshen Rabbani is named in the report as being the architect of the attack.
Posted by: Steve 2003-01-20