Ivory Coast Protests escalate
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast (AP) - Tens of thousands of people marched through Ivory Coast's main city Saturday calling for the death of the French president, in the biggest demonstration yet against the West African nation's French-brokered peace accord.
It's nice to be notorious popular.
"Chirac is dead! Ivory Coast is free!" marchers chanted, referring to French President Jacques Chirac. One protester dragged an iron tub filled with palm leaves that he said represented "all the baggage the French will take as they leave Ivory Coast."
I could think of a few other things that could have been put in the tub.
Some greeted a carload of Westerners with pro-American slogans. Others carried American flags and signs saying: "Please help us, Bush" and "France Bye Bye, In U.S.A. We Trust."
My sentiments exactly.
In the working-class suburb of Yopougon, marchers with faces painted white and wearing clothing in the orange, white and green colors of Ivory Coast's flag hefted mock coffins emblazoned with Chirac's name. The United States called again Friday for both sides to respect the agreement. It also asked Ivory Coast's neighbors to support the peace process.
Foggybottom blather. Not in my name.

I tried to get a CNN link, but they didn't have this priceless prose. Hope the link lasts long enough for y'all.
Posted by: Ptah 2003-02-01