Call To Remove Afghan Chief Justice To Restore Order
Source: NNI
An international think-tank has called for removal of Afghanistan's chief justice, as part of a push to reestablish the rule of law in post-Taliban Afghanistan. In a new report, the Brussels-based International Crisis Group urges Afghan president Hamid Karzai to retire Chief Justice Fazi Hadi Shinwari. The report says Shinwari, who was first appointed in December 2001, does not have formal training in secular law. His training, like that of dozens of other judges, is believed to be limited to religious law. The group says Shinwari has expanded the number of Afghan judges from nine to 137 by placing allies in key positions. The report said those appointments, plus the establishment of a government ministry to promote Islamic virtue, are fueling fears that the judicial system has been taken over by hard-liners who will not be responsive to the will of the Afghan people.
Naturally. The fundos in Afghanistan are determined to keep the "Islamic Republic" thing going. Nobody ever said that would be an easy hold to break...
Posted by: Fred Pruitt 2003-02-01